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  • Gerard Addison


Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Join us on the 19th of July for the opening of "Perspective" from 6pm - 9pm Friday evening. BYO. Perspective is a duo show highlighting the recent works of Jon Vargas & Nathan Hass. Hass and Vargas have long shared a love for heritage, vibrant colour and a flair for geometric abstraction, coupled with an uplifted urgency to display a diverse almost hypnotic pallet throughout their collections of work. A venture perhaps into the subconscious state is suggested; to stand back and reflect upon ones personal take or "perspective", upon whats being viewed. Viewing these paintings in and intimate space created between these two congruent painters, will be my pleasure to share with you at Dunmore Gallery on Friday the 19th of June between 6pm and 9pm.

Exhibition Duration:

Friday 19th June - Thursday 15th August 2019

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