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Updated: Oct 12, 2019

"Show Me" is a unique opportunity for artists of all disciplines to showcase new work in a professional setting.

Whether your a furniture maker, student, hobbyist, photographer, designer, tinkerer, seamstress, emerging or established visual artist, it is Dunmore Gallery’s mission to provide a space for new and exciting works to be seen and experienced.

Show Me is an ongoing program that aims to utilise the gallery space between scheduled exhibitions on a bi-monthly basis. Show Me participants are treated the same as exhibited artists with professional installation, social media commentary and exposure as part of a temporary collection of work on display during gallery open hours Thursday - Saturday for that month.

“Show Me” is an opportunity for artists to:

  • share their work for free

  • show something new

  • sell their artwork

  • be shown for the first time

  • get a new perspective of a studio piece

  • test out a new concept or process

  • receive feedback on their work from the creative community

How it works

Application is open to artists from all creative backgrounds and applications are allows open for the following show me.

Simply forward the following to with:

  • The subject “Show Me & your name”

  • Image of the artwork

  • Artwork title, medium, size

  • Your name and contact details

  • Additional information (not necessary but helpful) - social media handles, website, upcoming exhibitions or events you are part of if you have

Applications are not limited so submit as many times as you like. Works will be selected and curated by the gallery Director and founder Gerard Addison. Successful submissions will be included in a temporary group exhibition on display in the Dunmore Gallery space. These occur bi-monthly and each outcome is dependant on which pieces are available and best respond to one another in the gallery space. It is the aim of this revolving program to bridge the gap between studio practice and exhibition space; to feature artists through the exhibition of their work...

...So Show Me what you got.

FAQ Questions:

Q. Do I need any previous exhibition experience?

A. No. Show Me is open to any and all makers and artists.

Q. Do I have to install my own work?

A. No but if you wish to participate in the process you are welcome. Hanging works must be equipped with D hooks and Wire.

Q. How much does it cost to be part of Show Me?

A. Application and exhibition is totally free. The gallery requires 30% commission on all sales. All works must be for sale.

So what are you waiting for. send your application following the steps and criteria mentioned above.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Gerard Addison - Director

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