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Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Show me is currently running between 16th of July - the 19th of September.

If you are and artist please send your submission for the following by-monthly "Show Me" from Friday the 16th of August to Thursday the 19th of September. Details on how to do this here >> .

"Show Me" is a unique opportunity for artists of all disciplines to showcase new work in a professional setting.

Whether your a furniture maker, student, hobbyist, photographer, designer, tinkerer, seamstress, emerging or established visual artist, it is Dunmore Gallery’s mission to provide a space for new and exciting works to be seen and experienced.

Show Me is an ongoing program that aims to utilise the gallery space between scheduled exhibitions on a bi-monthly basis. Show Me participants are treated the same as exhibited artists with professional installation, social media commentary and exposure as part of a temporary collection of work on display during gallery open hours Thursday - Saturday for that month.

Gerard Addison - Director

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