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  • Gerard Addison


Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Show me 2 is a group show comprised of 7 local Queensland Artists.

Show Me is an ongoing program that aims to utilise the gallery space between scheduled theme exhibitions on a bi-monthly basis. Show Me participants are treated the same as exhibited artists with professional installation, social media commentary and exposure as part of a temporary collection of work on display during gallery open hours Thursday - Saturday.

Room Sheet:


  • Eloise Richardson

  • Emma Entwistle

  • Courtney Dolan

  • Gerard Addison​

  • Jon Vargas

  • Natasha Wills

  • Rebecca Kilpatrick

It’s at the heart of Dunmore Gallery’s Values as well as the vision for “Show Me”, to deliver an opportunity for artists to share their work amongst peers at all levels of their career. Curated to be malleable, adjacent and respectful to one another as they share the space.

Gallery Director - Gerard Addison

Exhibition Duration:

Friday 18th October - Thursday 14th November 2019


33 Dunmore St East Toowoomba

Gallery Opening hrs:

Thur/Fri 12- 2pm Sat 12-3pm or,

Via appointment email:

“Show Me”

From left to right, clockwise from the north west corner of the gallery to the south east corner (21 middle back on Framework).

1-6. Natasha Wills

“Travel Drawing” (2019) 18x23cm, Framed

120.00 each

7. Gerard Addison

“Blind Fear”, (2019) 100% Recycled house paint, paper, framed


8. Gerard Addison “Shape of You #1” (2019)

100% Recycled House Paint on Paper, Framed 60.00

9-10. Emma Entwistle

“Why So Serious”

30x30cm Acrylic & Oil on Canvas (2018)

150.00 each or 250 for the set of two

11. Emma Entwistle


40x40cm Acrylic & Ply (2019)


12. Emma Entwistle

“Where’s Your Alibi” Acrylic on Ply


13-14.Rebecca Kilpatrick

“Gemini Left & Gemini Right”

Pen on Paper, Framed

40.00 each

15. Courtney Dolan

“Abandoned Sanctuary” Gouache on Toned Paper


16. Courtney Dolan

“My Fallen Father” Gouache, Gold Ink & Pencil, Framed


17-19 Jon Vargas

17. “Missing”

18. “Faded Tune”

19. “Untitled”

20. “Untitled”

55.00 each

21. Eloise Richardson

“Anticipation” A4. Graphite on paper (2019)


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