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  • Gerard Addison


Kicking off the 2020 calendar this year in a relaxed way with a range of works from Gallery Director - Gerard Addison's personal collection.

Named 'Treasure' for the fact that for Gerard these works or prized possessions... treasures.

Dunmore Gallery will be open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 7am - 10pm then 12pm until 2pm for the duration of this exhibition.

In this collection you will find works from Danish Quapoor, Natasha Wills, Gerard Addison, Eloise Richardson, Mariska Fenner, Darcy Campbell, Rhys Archer and others.

Most of these works are for sale but those that hold fare too great of a value to the my personal collection and will never be sold. Sorry not sorry.

There is not current set end date to this exhibition. After an intense and extremely wonderfull 2019 it is the intention of Dunmore Gallery to assess, rest and spend time in R&D mode before launching new programs and opportunities for artist throughout the year.

For all of the love and support that we have received over 2019 we can not say how thankful and wonderful all the kind words, respect & honesty have been. Has truly warmed the heart and built our spirit in hopes to deliver some truly wonderful things for you as the year unfolds.

Look forward to working hard to bring some flavour to the 2020 calendar and continue to be your friendly neighbourhood totally consumed, bonkers about all things creative Gallery Director.

Best wishes to all and look forward to seeing you around town or in the gallery over the next season.

Gallery Director - Gerard Addison

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